When I was in elementary school, I took a small washed-out glass mayonnaise jar and filled it with small rocks from our backyard.  I cut a circle out of a white piece of paper and taped it on the jar lid.  On that label I wrote, “My Rock Collection.”  After all, I am the daughter of a geologist. 

That jar is one of the many things I’ve kept over the years.  Along with my collection of youth group t-shirts, stacks of photo albums, and a big pile of worn-out pointe shoes.   

I am a firm believer in keeping memorabilia from life’s special moments – and the mundane ones too.  There are boxes full of such things at my parents’ house and my own.  I love bringing them out and recollecting what each item represents in my history.

But I’ve been thinking about other things I hold on to as well.  Memories of rejection.  Moments of achievement.  Resentment.  Dreams.  Embarrassment.  Joy.  Unforgiveness. 

There are some things in my life – and I don’t mean those I can hold in my hand – that I’ve held on to with a death grip.  Sometimes it’s rightly out of sentimentality.  Sometimes out of a need for control.  Sometimes bitterness.  But …

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven … a time to keep and a time to throw away.  (Ecclesiastes 3:1,6)

As much as I detest bringing out the vaccuum, maybe it’s time to do a little spring cleaning.