I just got home late tonight from a two-day conference in Washington, D.C. that I was attending for work.  I’ve had trouble accessing the internet all day, so this is really late to be posting this.  But hopefully someone will read it.

You may know by now that I grew up north of Houston, Texas.  My parents still live there, as do a few other family members and many dear friends.  If you’ve been anywhere near a TV in the past few days, you know that the eye of Hurricane Ike is headed directly over Houston in the next few hours.  My parents live about 80 miles inland, but they have still been told to expect 60-90 mph winds.  This storm is unlike anything Texas has seen in quite some time, certainly in the time that my family has lived there.  It’s practically the size of the state.  And I don’t need to remind you that Alaska is the only state bigger.   

Houston is the fourth largest city in the country.  It is a major metropolitan area.  It’s also practically at sea level.  There is likely to be enormous damage from the winds of this storm.

If you see this in the next 12-24 hours, please pray that God will protect all of those in the path of this storm.