This week is Missions Emphasis Week at the seminary.  Since my work schedule today is abnormal, I decided I would head to the all-campus chapel service this morning with my husband.

The speaker at this week’s chapel services is Jim Tebbe, the Director of the Urbana Missions Conference that Intervarsity Christian Fellowship hosts every three years.  My husband and I attended in 2003 and were excited that he was coming to campus this week.

This morning he was direct in his words about our place in global missions, telling us that God doesn’t need us.  Then he said something that was very simple and profound to me. 

“You want to be needed, but you need to be wanted.  Wanted by God.”

He expounded on this, saying that we need to stop trying to make God fit into our agendas for what we want to accomplish and instead realize that He wants us to be part of His.

We want to be needed.  But that’s not what we really need. 

It made me stop and think today.