I’ve been thinking lately about how casually we often treat this life.  We treat following Jesus as a casual affair.

Following Jesus will never happen by accident. 

We don’t stumble onto a narrow path. 

And we certainly don’t stay on it without paying attention. 


I’ve been thinking lately of how often we forget about the battle going on around us that we can’t see. 

So we assume the corporate and personal battles we can see are the most important.

And we leave ourselves vulnerable, unprotected, and targets of an angry enemy who has no shame (Rev. 12:12b).

He capitalizes on our discord and unrest.

But we think we have everything under control. 


I’ve been thinking lately about how easy it is for us to switch allegiances and how easy it is for us to mix things up. 

It’s easy for us to look to men and women for guidance and give them authority over us.

We think they will solve our problems.

We forget that they are just as broken as we are.

We forget they will make mistakes – sometimes big ones.  We forget they will err in judgment.  We forget that they can be swayed by circumstances too.

We give them far too much credit.


I’ve been thinking lately about how life must be lived intentionally.

And how it goes by too quickly. 

How we have a death grip on it.  And how, without purpose, it can become the death of us.

We let the whirlwind toss us to and fro. 

Then, when the storm subsides, we realize our house was built on sand.


I’ve been thinking that we know all these things. 

But we look in the mirror of God’s Word and walk away, forgetting the image of our own reflection.  (James 1:23-24)