It was the morning after my first night in my college dorm room.  My roommate and I were headed to church with a few folks we had just met and two guys whom she knew from home and had matched up as roommates.  Who knew I would marry one of them four years later?

As we made our way to the north end of UNC’s upper quad, we came to the edge of campus and the main drag in Chapel Hill, Franklin Street.

This is what we saw:

Actually, this is only part of what we saw because apparently they decided to change the street signs at this crosswalk since I graduated. 

I ask you – why can’t some things just stay the same?

It’s very annoying to me because it’s the whole point of this post.

So use your imagination.

The sign at the above crosswalk read, “Walk with Light.” 

And I’m totally hitting myself on the head now because I never took a picture of that sign in the four years I lived there. 

And apparently no one else in America uses a sign like that because I’ve been on every traffic sign distributor website, and a similar one is not to be found.

Wouldn’t you know Chapel Hill just had to be different.  (Carrboro must be rubbing off on them.)

Perhaps God just put it there for me as a reminder on that first morning of my college experience.

I was totally cheesy about it that morning.  And for the rest of college. 

My friends would roll their eyes at me every time.  But it always provoked the same reaction in me.

“We need to walk with light,” I would say, as if it was God’s personal reminder to us as we crossed the street.

Come, O house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord.  (Isaiah 2:5)

Beloved, walk with light.