This past weekend my husband and I traveled to Savannah to sweat.  

And to see one of our best friends from college get married.

Because my husband was a groomsman, we participated in a number of activities that allowed us to spend an amazing amount of time with our college friends.  

It’s still hard to believe that we’ve known these people for nine years now.  Somewhere along the way, we became like a family.  At lunch on Sunday, we all instinctively grabbed each other’s hands before we prayed.  We laughed that it was just so natural. 

It really hit me on Friday night at the rehearsal dinner when the groom introduced all of his groomsmen.  As he talked about his relationship with each one of these guys, I found myself so grateful that they were recognized and honored for what they mean to the rest of us.  And then they returned the favor and spoke blessing and honor over the groom for what he means to all of us.  They each did it in their own unique way.  It was priceless.  Lots of laughter, followed by moments where everyone just nodded in profound agreement.  Timely words.  Hilarious and deeply personal.

I sat there listening to each of them, and I thought about how much we’ve all grown since we met as freshmen in college.  And I thought about how much we’d stayed the same.  

It made me grateful to have friends like these in my life.  

Friends that knew you when.  Friends that still know you now.  Friends that know most everything that happened in between. 

It will never be the same as when we spent those four years in Chapel Hill, but the history is always there. 

Sure, they don’t know every detail of our lives right now.  

But they know us.