The Lord is my shepherd.  I shall not be in want. 

But I am “in want” all the time.  There are so many things I want, so many longings that go unfulfilled.

More than I am at peace, I am in want.

More than I am full of gratitude, I am in want.

More than I even know what I need, I am in want.

So, if I am in want, who is my shepherd? 

Maybe the Psalm 23 that reflects my life sounds more like this:

I am my own shepherd, so I shall always be in want. 
I run myself ragged, in an attempt to prove my value to others but mostly to myself.
I wear myself out, so that what is left to offer others is bone-dry,
And sometimes I just pursue outward righteousness – for my own name’s sake.
When I face the worst that life can throw at me, I cower in fear and annoyance. 
I am quick to forget who guards my life.  I am far too precoccupied by my own inconvenience. 
I spend too much energy on preserving what could be gone in a moment.   
Yet there is still a table prepared before me in the presence of my enemies – Fear, Pride, and Self-Absorption.
My anointing has never been removed; my cup unjustly still overflows.
Surely I am among the most shamefully blessed of all.
Though I dwell under the shadow of Provision and belong to the family Undeserved Love,
I remain a woman with a short memory and misplaced desires. 

But, if I allowed the Lord to be my shepherd, I would realize that I want for nothing.