My history with the game of football runs deep.  I grew up cheering for Tennessee football with my parents and performed in the drill team at halftime of every football game from seventh through the twelfth grade.  I appreciate the game and enjoy watching it.  However, in honor of the 11-man sport, here are eleven questions that plague me this time of year:

  1. Why is it necessary for football players to unhook their chin straps after every play?  Seriously, it’s like an automatic reaction and seems completely counter-productive.
  2. Why do football players wear eye-black for night games?  There is no sun from which to protect your eyes, buddy.
  3. Do mouth guards taste good?  ‘Cause I sure see a lot of players chewing on them.
  4. Who determined that the organ was the right instrument to be played for NFL games?  My primary memory of going to Houston Oilers games with my dad is that dang organ.  What is up with that?
  5. As a former member of the drill team, I beg you, why don’t more people pay attention to the halftime show?  You’d get through the nachos line faster if you waited until the band was finished and everyone came back to their seats.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that Nike left off half of the stripes on every team’s pants?  Was it just too much money to finish them?
  7. Do football players really like getting all those stickers on their helmets?  Is it kind of like that chart with the gold stars that we all had in preschool?  Do they really get motivated by stickers?
  8. Will the Aggies ever sit down during their football games?
  9. Are the quarterbacks really talking to the offensive staff when they pick up those phones on the sidelines?  Or, are they ordering a post-game pizza?
  10. When will sideline reporters realize that head coaches are really not interested in interviews on their way to the locker room at halftime?
  11. How many more days until basketball season starts?