Our society is so fascinated with parading mistakes online, on TV, on the front page.  We watch broken marriages, addictions, relational rifts and all sorts of indignities play out before eyes.  And because we consume it, we’re served up more of it on a platter.  Give the people what they want!

We don’t seem to mind that the brokenness of these lives is displayed for all to see.  But here’s the thing — we seem to grow disinterested when the indignity stretches beyond celebrity status to faces for whom we have no names.  It’s just so depressing, we say.  Give us more about this girl and how she cheated on that guy.  Show us more pictures of this guy making a fool out of himself because he’s high on meth.  Tell us more about this person’s drunk driving conviction.

Injustice.  Modern-day slavery.  Trafficking.  Mass rape.  Hunger.  Abuse.  Poverty.  Neglect.

If we’re going to indulge in watching other people’s sins, then perhaps we shouldn’t limit it to the ones that make us feel better about ourselves.