Jesus became a fetus and was birthed with much labor and pain.  He learned how to eat and how to walk.

The Word of God learned how to speak.

He had grandparents and cousins, friends and neighbors, a trade, and no place to lay His head.

Not only did He inhabit our world.  He inhabited our skin and bones life.  He experienced our humanity fully.

The moments of life that are joyous and those that are filled with grief.  The times of boredom and the times of great anticipation.  The lonely and the communal.  The trivial and the monumental.  What overwhelms us suddenly and what keeps us waiting for what seems like forever.

The Divine inhabited the mundane and the normal.  And in doing so, He demonstrated that His presence makes it sacred.

Life is made of many experiences, many emotions, and many moments.  Sometimes they can seem unimportant or irrelevant.  But Jesus’ incarnation means it is not so.

His Spirit within us inhabits every one of our moments and makes them holy.

Oh, the beauty and hope of the incarnation!