I finally found it.

Over the past few months, I’ve thought I spotted it several times.  It’s tough when your hair is dirty blonde, though.  You never know if it’s just the sunlight.

But after church today my husband confirmed it.  Clearly, I have nowhere to hide now.

What’s worse is that I think there are actually two of them right next to each other.

Well, we’ll just pretend that there’s one.  And that one has conjured up all sorts of questions in my now deeply tormented soul.

Did it sprout as a gray hair that I didn’t notice until it reached the measure of its fullness?  Or, did it just turn gray as a result of some great stressor in my life, namely the anticipation that it was coming?

Are there hundreds of them sprouting all over my head right now?  Will I wake up tomorrow and people will completely forget that I’m a staggering 18 months away from turning 30?  Because you can be sure I wasn’t supposed to find The One until after September 29, 2011.  Clearly, my scalp is also an overachiever.

Why didn’t it find its way to my bathroom counter with the numerous others that fall out every time I dry my hair?  Why did this one have to stay in its follicle?

Of course, I might have already shed others that I never even realized were gray.  I’ll try not to think about that.

You might find me a bit overly dramatic about this.  However, I can assure you that I have never blown anything out of proportion.  Obviously there are much bigger milestones approaching in my life, like my husband’s graduation from seminary for instance.

But really, what does he care about receiving a degree if his wife is now elderly?

All I know is that his new salary better cover highlights.